I'm a firm believer that everyone feels the most inspired and most themselves in their own space, particularly in one that they have curated to be reflective of who they are. I'm fascinated by people in their element, so I'm so excited to introduce our new series, At Home in Artless Forever. For the first installment, I am taking you inside my most creative space: my home in Los Angeles. Shot by Emma Howie.

When I was young, I was set on pursuing either architecture or interior design (if I'm being honest I'm not sure I truly understood the difference). Although my career path has evolved since then, I've maintained a deep admiration for art, interiors and visual aesthetics, which has been reflected in the essence of the brand since the very beginning.

I'm obsessed with the art of simplicity... aka, the meaningful life moments that occur when we reduce the background noise of life. The human things that everyone experiences. I want my home to reflect this sort of feeling... to be warm, yet at the same time, intentionally minimalistic.

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As seen on Maddie:

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