Our Story

Welcome to Artless. I’m Madison Orlando, founder and CEO.

After many iterations and years of development, I launched Artless in February 2021, in the midst of the pandemic. Its creation offered me both an outlet to express my love of fashion and design, and as a way for me to take a chance on myself, putting my all into a venture of my own.

At its core, Artless is inspired by the art of simplicity. I have always been drawn to effortlessness, instantly connected to people, places and things that don’t try too hard. To me, authenticity is art and coolness comes effortlessly to those who exist just as they are.

You’ll notice elements of 90s minimalism in many of our designs, as well as influences from the laidback lifestyle of California, the place that I now call home. You can be confident knowing that all of our products are made with you and the planet in mind. We pride ourselves on ethical, sustainable production, the highest quality fabrics and trims, and a focus on lowering our environmental footprint whenever possible. For more information about our circulation program, please feel free to visit this page

So, welcome... I’m so happy you’re here!